Document Security Solution

 Documents are the records kept in a paper form or electronic form which serves the purpose of official record, evidence, confidential papers. So fiddling with such documents is very common and has also increased these days. To keep a check on such crimes, holograms are made. Holograms are the easy and secured way to keep your file safe and untouched. To secure a document hologram is attached to it in the form of barcode or sticker. It is impossible to copy such hologram and so we can avoid frauds and forgery. The more difficult and with an effort it is to copy a security feature, the more suitable it is for product security. This type of product specifically document security in the graphic industry is best undertaken using hologram technology that potential forgers do not possess. 

  Security Hologram: Security holograms are labels with a hologram printed onto it for sale security reasons. Security holograms are very difficult to forge because they are replicated from a master hologram which requires expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipment. They are used widely in several banknotes around the world, in particular those that are of high denominations. They are also used in passports, credit and bank cards as well as quality products. 

How Divya Impex does help you to fight through this problem?

 Divya Impex has skilled employees who first conduct a survey of the problems and then they provide with the solutions of holograms which are exceptional and secured. We use the best techniques to create holograms. Also we provide it with new and updated pattern which gives it the best look and are more secured. Providing a reliable and easy solution to this problem is our core competence. We are working in this field since twenty years and so have attained a good quality and services through our innovations and creative thinking. Also research and development has enabled us to provide exceptional security features for document authentication. We also provide software application for secured printing at the customers' property. 

 Kinds of documents where our solutions can be incorporated: Educational Certificate,Marriage certificate , Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Stamp Certificate and Legal Certificate Documents for BFSI and NBFC Passport and ID cards Health Cards Driving License 

How does it work with such documents?

 1. Educational Certificate: These are the documents which are forged by the students for false certificates and degrees. There are around 30 to 35% of the fake certificate industries which harm the society with unskilled service providers. To overcome this problem we provide you holograms which help in protecting your invisible reputation, stop certification frauds and cheating and we also give you lifetime quality assurance. 

2. Marriage Certificate: Marriage certificates are not only the documents which give the proof of your marriage but also it can be used as an evidence of your identity in government as well as private offices. To make sure people don’t misuse this document by creating the duplicate one or cheat we provide you with the hologram stickers. 

3. Birth and Death Certificates: These are the proof or evidences with the government which are ought to be kept secured. And security of such documents should be exceptional. We provide you with good and creative holograms which can never be copied and are secured in every term. 

4. Stamp Certificates and Legal Certificates: Also these are most confidential documents and our hologram solution is the best solution for such certificates. These holograms differentiate the documents from the other. 

5. Documents for BFSI and NBFC: Different techniques of creating hologram have managed to stop the frauds with such confidential documents.

 6. Passports and ID Cards: These are the most important credentials to be protected and secured. The advanced technology has avoided the tampering and counterfeiting of these documents.

 7. Health Cards: Bar codes and Security Labels provided by Divya Impex secure your confidential information without being forged. 

8. Driving License: One of the most important government documents is safe with us as we provide the best of solutions to prevent duplicity. So associate with us and safeguard all your important documents from being forged and tampered using the most advanced technology.    

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