Induction Wads

 Every growing company in specific sectors is under a threat of encountering crimes like tampering, duplicity and counterfeiting. These crimes pose a major threat to the revenue losses of these ever-growing companies. Not only do these crimes, but also the contamination of the brand labels might result is the loss of their identity. So to safeguard these brands from unauthorised consumption and contamination, Divya Impex came up with a great solution against crimes yielding protection to the brands. Being the pioneer manufacturers of holographic products, we lead in the production of Holographic Induction Sealing wads which help you protect your labels from contaminated and result in longevity. 

What are induction sealing wads? 

Induction sealing wads are basically aluminium induction caps, which are primarily used for sealing the bottles to avoid contamination, leakage, and unauthorised consumption of the product.  

What happens when holography meets sealing wads?

Holography being one of the best and most used technologies, these days has led to the protection of brands to another level. It is one of the proven ways to safeguard your integrity and protect your brand from serious crimes and avoid revenue losses.  Holographic induction wads protect your brand label from the following crimes: § Tampering- any unauthorised alteration to the product is avoided § Counterfeiting- alleged replication of products is prevented § Duplicity – use of product by any unfair means is avoided Hence Holographic Induction seal wads are a great tool to secure your brand from the above mentioned crimes and maintain authenticity of the brand. 

Divya Impex is one the leading manufacturers of Induction sealing wads Owing the credit to our expert professionals, Divya Impex tops the chart for being the most authentic and resourceful manufacturers of holographic induction sealing wads. In house master machine is one of the greatest assets to our company. The advanced and the stylish technological induction wads complement your packaging along with providing security to your product. The expert professionals of Divya Impex make a perfect and balanced blend of creativity and usability to enhance the quality of the induction sealing wads.

Following is the range of induction sealing wads, Divya Impex excels in manufacturing:- § Induction Sealing Holographic wads § Black Bottle Neck Printing § Pressure sensitive holographic wads § Peel and Release holographic wads § Over Printing on Holography Board § Wads with Track and Trace § Mirror transfer § Customized holographic wads.

Divya Impex gives you the following benefits for your brand after using the Holographic Induction wads § Tamper Evidence- the sealing wads will leave a definite mark after being removed giving a visual evidence § Leak Prevention- the leakage of hazardous chemicals from the bottles is prevented as the wads are adhered properly due to the induction  § Freshness- Induction of the canned products prevents entry of any contaminant or foreign particle in the bottle prolonging the shelf life of the product by maintaining the freshness of the product. § Pilferage Protection- these induction seals are of great help as they leave visual and prominent residues on the plastic bottles and preventing them from getting broken into.  § Sustainability- Induction sealing wads are also considered to be sustainable in nature as they lower the weight of the bottles by providing protection and hence there is no need to used heavy weighted strong metal neck closure.  § Production speed- the induction seal wads are manufactured in no time fastening the process of sealing the bottles. 

The following industries are associated with Divya Impex to secure their products using Induction seal wads:- § Pharmaceutical § Food § Beverage § Dairy § Cosmetics § Chemicals § Paints § Home Remodelling Products § Manufacturing Shop supplies Divya Impex provides the best of services to the clients to protect their products from being tampered, counterfeited or duplicated. We also extend our services to customize the sealing wads according their own will and requirements. We also add a blend of creativity to the wads to complement the packaging of your products. Using the best of technology, we make these holographic induction sealing wads. Hence, combining usability and creativity we create the best of wads to safeguard your products from contamination and leakage.   

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