Other Holographic Products


Self-Adhesive Stickers

Readily available in standard silver and gold, with other colours possible on special order. Generally used for promotional purposes, these labels are available in thickness of 24, 37 or 51 microns. You can choose from continuous tapes, individual cuts or kiss-cut label rolls 


Hologram Label

Self-adhesive labels with use self-destructive images which are 100% tamper evident. Used for sealing packages, as any attempt to change or remove the seal will destroy the hologram. 


Holographic Stamping Foil

This non-transferable and non-removable holographic foil fused on top of a host surface like plastic, paper, leather, etc. Available as an individual index for protection of documents or as continuous patterns.   


Self-Adhesive Label

Paper-based self-adhesive holographic label for sealing products. Available in different colours, with serial numbers, bar codes and brand information printed on them. Enable easy tracking and tracing of products. Available in sheets as well as automatically applicable rolls.


Hologram Stripes

This strip consists of a hologram on an aluminium foil. Commonly used on pharmaceutical packaging in the form of a lidding foil on blister packs, these stripes provide high security against any form of counterfeiting. These are available with print as well as without print and used on all packaging machines that come with blister.


Close the deal

Holographic shrink band stripe with evident tamper. Used in the beverage industry to prevent refilling and counterfeiting of bottles. Can be used automatically or manually, and is available in the form of a tube or can be moulded in any required shape. 

Why Should You Invest in Holographic Products?

Many commodities come with traditional trademarks on them. So, a question arises that when every product has a specific trademark, what is the need of a hologram? Here is the answer to this: · Trademarks do not provide the enhanced security and quality factor to good in comparison to holograms · Holographic products are more secure than trademarks and cannot be easily forged with tools like printers and camera · Holographic products are manufactured by professional using the best of technology to guarantee complete safety