About Us



  A perfect branding gives a kick-start to the business to achieve the desired targets and make a mark in the business industry. So to aid the different sectors with authentic branding, Divya Impex Solutions came up in the year of 2001 with an idea of using the advanced technology i.e. the hologram technology to provide security branding to the customers using a wide range of product labels. Successfully establishing the headquarters in Bangalore, we are privileged to have it’s branches in the metropolitan cities of Chennai and Kolkata and also Tirupur and Erode. 

You Create, we protect

This being our motive, we thrive to deliver the best services to our customers. We make sure to protect your brand by developing authentic labels and preventing duplicity. With over 100 professionals working in the industry, we make sure that your brand is not copied and you don’t face any loss due to the same. We owe the credit of our success to our skilled workforce who strives hard 24*7 to deliver the best results. They excel in their skills and prove the same by delivering a productivity of 6 Crore every month.  

We are the pioneers of these products:-

 Hologram’s masters- a master of holography helping us to produce different hologram stickers, labels etc. 

 Holographic labels- a perfect product to avoid tampering and secure your brand from duplicity and assuring authenticity.

Holographic strips- an ideal product to create a distinct identity of your brand thereby providing brand security.

Barcode Labels- a perfect one-dimensional tool for product pricing aiding the company with better convenience. 

Holographic Induction wads- developed especially to secure the pharmaceutical or any healthcare related products; these wads come with an array of advantages which includes the prevention of entry of contaminants.

 Product labels- an idea that will showcase your brand name in the best form of creativity and innovation  § Thermal Transfer Ribbons- an advanced and sophisticated way of digital printing to print your brand name on the desired product.  

Security labels- the labels providing the tampering proof by revealing the sensitive data information when removed. With the production of these products, we make sure to protect your brand from any piracy and tampering. Our expert professionals strive harder to provide the best of services to our clients to ensure 100% protection of their brands.   

We are privileged to associate with the following sectors:- 

§ Consumer Packaged Goods- this includes soft drinks, processed foods etc. § Pharmaceuticals- to avoid the tampering of medicines § Educational Institutions § Banking § Consumer electronics § Automobile Industry § Garments § Textiles and more These sectors use this advanced technology products to safeguard their identity and prevent their products from tampering, duplicity and counterfeiting which are some of the serious crimes happening in today’s world. 

These values helped us grow in so many years:- 

§ Product Innovation- we consider the needs of our clients and try to serve them with the most innovative products § Quality- we always believe that quality is always prioritised over quantity. Keeping this is mind we strive hard to maintain the quality of our products. 

 Security- Securing your brand is our solo motive which drives the success of this company § Service- Our expert professionals are always there to serve you in need. 

Our products are known for these qualities:- 

§ Accuracy- production of accurate labels and other products  § Durability- our products are durable for a considerable amount of time making it convenient for the clients § Genuineness- genuine products is our forte as our expert professionals perfectly blend usability and creativity  



  Our In house master making machine adds to our uniqueness  

  Making use of advanced technology to run the latest machines with computer aided systems and software helps us to develop the range of products we offer you. We firmly believe that customers need a reason to do business and hence we make sure to give them the best and valid reasons to associate with us. Our best quality products help us drive our business and take it to another dimension. We strive hard to safeguard your integrity by the best possible means and help you make a mark in the business industries. And that’s why we say “you create, we protect.”