Security Holograms at Divya Impex

Our master Security holograms are prepared under very tough security background, meeting globally acknowledged quality norms and protected production procedures. We send out the master within 24 - 48 hours of the artwork authorisation and security rules and regulations. We pledge specialised design, state of the art technology, master attempt by masters in holography and a very punctual and bother free deliverance. An ensemble of universal and superior security kinds with custom made solutions are afforded. Extraordinary security hologram readers, fine-tuned for our security holograms, are accessible for easy endorsement. 

Where are our Security Holograms used? 

Our Security holograms are used when there’s a threat of counterfeiting. Banknotes, debit and credit cards,  passports, as well as high quality products use security holograms.

Types of Security Holograms


2D/3D Holograms

 Two or more images are stacked so that the image . To create these holograms, the same kind of technology is used that is being used for over 5 decades in red light safety reflectors at the back of vehicles. These holograms are further divided into two-layer and three-layer holograms wherein a one-of-its-kind multi-colour effect is displayed. Any text matter appears in the background of the hologram, giving it a depth illusion.  


Dot Matrix Holograms

 With 10 micrometres of optical resolution on every optical element, dot matrix holograms are created using specialised technologies and machines. Optical elements are designed using a number of algorithms to make radiation patterns. 


Electron-beam Lithography Holograms

 The surface of these holograms has a resolution up to 0.1 micrometres, and the technique involves developing different algorithms to design optical elements that then create varied radiation patterns 

Distinctive Features Available in Our Security Holograms

Concealed Images

 Can be seen only at a large angle or one particular angle in the form of thin contours and lines. 

Guilloché Patterns

High-resolution decorative images with intricate, geometrical patterns, whose colours change according to the viewing angle.

Kinetic Images

Visible only when the hologram is tilted. These are available in three sizes:

  • High-contrast micro-texts (50-150 micrometres),
  • Low-contrast grating-filled diffractive micro-texts (50-150 micrometres),
  • Nano texts, visible only through microscope (smaller than 50 micrometres).

CLR Images

Convert Laser Readable (CLR) images used in Dot Matrix Holograms can be verified with a laser device only.

Synthesized 2D/3D Images

Combination of 2D/3D images with other features like CLR and micro texts.

True Colour Images

Decorative pictures with hidden images, micro texts and other high-security features. The most secure feature against counterfeits as the images cannot be duplicated without the original.