Security Labels

  Divya Impex is known for its wide range of products and is prevalent for manufacturing different variety of security labels to safeguard the integrity of your brand. Our forte is the manufacturing of high resolution security holograms and we are accredited label suppliers based in Bangalore and have successfully opened our branches in Chennai, Tirupur, Erode and Kolkata. We maintain high international quality standards to serve our customers with the best of our services. Our advanced security labels help us to protect your brand from a series of crimes like tampering, duplicity and counterfeit. 

Why do you need security labels? 

Crimes like tampering, counterfeiting and duplicity are a matter of concern these days. Use of ordinary labels for your products increases this risk and hence posing a threat to your profitable company. Hence Divya Impex came with a solution where we use advanced technology to develop security labels which will protect your brand or product from any of the crimes. The cost of security labels is definitely negligible to the amount of loss you will face if your brand is hit by the counterfeiters.

  You will be benefited in the following ways using our advanced security labels:- 

§ Security labels are tamper evident, i.e. these labels provide special evidence when they are removed. § One can easily keep a check on the portable assets by using colour coded security labels § The highly advanced technology helps to prevent thefts and robberies using visual identification effects. § The security labels help you track and monitor the highly valued assets like Laptops and other important products. § Duplicity is definitely prevented as the sensitive information is properly hidden § It also helps you prevent counterfeiting avoiding a huge amount of revenue loss of your company.

We produce a wide range of security labels to protect your brand. Some of them are listed below:- § Security Hologram Labels- The special quality of the hologram labels makes them impossible to replicate and hence prevent duplicity. These highly-advanced labels will not only protect your brand from counterfeit and will enhance the visual look of the packaging as it will complement your graphics.   § Tamper proof or Tamper evident labels- Divya Impex provide tamper evidence with the visual evidence using these amazing labels. We create two types of tamper labels:-   1. The labels which will fragment into pieces after they are removed. These fragments are the evidence of tampering as it is clearly visible to the company hence becoming tamper-evident. 2. The other labels are designed in a way where there are different patterns visible after the removal again making it a tamper-evident label.   § Write protected labels- These labels are well protected with lamination which gives the labels longevity and durability and protects them from damage, water, solvents and of course tampering. The professionals of Divya Impex bring creativity in the house complementing these labels to your packaging.   § Security Ink- Divya Impex extend their services to the customers by giving them a variety of ink options to be used for their labels depending on the level of security, brand protection and attractiveness they want. The different kinds of ink that are used are:-   1. Optically variable inks 2. Thermo chronic inks 3. Metallic inks 4. Photo chromatic inks   § No Look Label- this is one of the most advanced production of Divya Impex. The labels are designed in a way where even after applying the labels; it appears like there is no label pasted on the package.   § Paper based/ Film based labels- We also manufacture standard labels which suit your pockets and are made of normal paper or synthetic materials like PE, PP and PET.

 These security labels have a wide range of applications and they are:- 

§ Security Papers and Documents: 1. Tax Marks 2. Excise stamps 3. Season Tickets  4. ID Cards, Banking 5. Different types of cards   § Brand Protection to the following sectors 1. FMCG 2. Pharmaceutical 3. Automobile 4. Garments and Textiles 5. Cosmetics 6. Electronics So, Divya Impex comes with a wide range of labels to safeguard your brand and maintain your integrity. We use the best possible technology to help you protect your brand from any crimes like duplicity, tampering and forging. Your security is our priority.    

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