Hologram is a 3D photographic image created by recording of a light field. It is 3D image which can be seen without any intermediate object. 

 Uses of Hologram: Basically Holograms were used for entertainments as 3D objects in movies and games. Now the uses of holograms are increased in sector of security and studies as well. Holograms act as the security code in the legal and private documents. Also it has extended its use in the field of studies especially in medical field. Here are some of the uses of hologram:

 1. Display Holography: In display holography the advent of pulsed lasers had made it possible to capture images of plants, animals, and humans as well as inanimate objects. 

2. Holographic Packaging: It has made the packaging material cheap as well as popular 

3. Security: The use of holograms on credit cards and bank-notes has reduced the opportunity for forgery.

 4. Interferometry: If a "double exposure" hologram is made of an object before and after the object is subjected to stress, the change in the shape of the object due to that stress is recorded as a series of light and dark bands. In industrial situations this can be used in component testing and quality control. 5. Medical records: Medical, dental and other records can be made both for teaching and for documentation. 

6. Measurements: Particle physicists make holographic records of bubble-chambers from which accurate measurements can be made. 


    What is hologram solution? 

Hologram Solutions are the way to avoid duplicity, forge, robbery, etc. Holograms on the bank cards are one of the examples of the solution of holograms. Legal papers, Documents of companies, university mark sheets and degrees, labels, packaging(sealer), licenses, tickets, certificates, ID cards, fashion garments, brands, financial documents, computer peripherals etc are some of the examples where holograms have provided solutions for duplicity and robbery.  

How these Solutions work: 

FORGE: 1. On Legal Papers, Documents: Forge through these confidential documents is nowadays become an easy task. Copy of such documents is easy to make by using technologies but holograms are the solutions to this forge as these cannot be copied. 2. On Financial Documents, Computer Peripherals: Copy of these documents can easily provide a way to change the terms and conditions which can be used to commit a crime with no evidence, which will have no legal help further. Holograms are the best and easy way to avoid such situations, as these cannot be copied or erased.

 ROBBERY: 1. On Bank Cards: Hologram on Bank Cards helps to differentiate the identity of the bank easily and also it provides solution to keep it secured by the code. 

DUPLICITY: 1. On ID Cards, Degrees, Mark sheets, Labels, License, Tickets, Fashion Garments logo, Packaging (sealer) etc.: Creating a duplicate document or paper has become very easy by using photo shops, printing techniques, photo copy, etc. But holograms cannot be copied as these are made by using the lights giving it a 3D effect. These have the copyright. So copying it is impossible.  Divya Impex has targeted to help customers by providing the best services of creating holograms. For Divya Impex "Customer is the most important visitor in our premises”; By Gandhiji so we first discover the areas of the company or services providers from where crime can be committed and then create exceptional holograms. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Divya Impex produces Hologram Masters, Holographic labels, Thermal Transfer ribbons, and Security Labels. We provide security holograms with the latest and high resolutions.   


We provide services in tax marks, excise stamps, season tickets, ID Cards, Banking, Cards and other cards. These security holograms protected the brands such as FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Garments and Textiles, Cosmetics and Electronics. Also we have high security Tax Stamp Holograms. Also with the latest High Resolution Litho Mastering Technology at 120,000 DPI we offer exceptional holograms.Security Holograms, High security tax stamp hologram, Hologram with registered printing, Holographic Induction sealing wads, Holographic strips, Holographic scratch label, Holographic Film/ Paper, Metallic Labels, Holographic embossed Labels, Labels etc are some of the types of holograms provided by Divya Impex. We promise to provide you with the exceptional and best holograms as the solution to your problems of getting stabbed or cheated. We have skilful employees having much needed knowledge and creative skills for inventing varied holograms.   We provide these solutions to the clients:-  

  1. 1. IT-Enabled:

  • ♣ Authentication
  • ♣ Supply Chain Management
  • ♣ Track and Trace
  • ♣ Reward Management
  • ♣ Inventory Management
  • ♣ Warranty Management
  • ♣ Marketing Campaign
  • ♣ Payment Collection

  1. 2. Product-based:

  • ♣ Document and ID Security
  • ♣ Security Printing
  • ♣ Packaging and Personalization
  • ♣ Product Security

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