Tax stamps


  Holographic technology has paved its’ way in every sector. The advanced technology provides the best security solutions for safeguarding the brands from serious crimes of forging, tampering and counterfeiting. Along with providing security, holograms enhance the visual impact of your product. Different types of holographic tax stamps are prominent in today’s world. These stamps prevent the unauthorized consumption of any goods or products, thereby ensuring complete security. Divya Impex never fails to upgrade their services to the next dimension and hence is chosen over most of the holographic production companies. We provide an array of different tax stamps to the clients to protect their brand or product from crimes. 

Why do we need tax stamps?

 Liquor and tobacco contribute a major chunk in the Indian market and are consumed by a lot of customers. Since, their consumption is on a high scale, chances of duplicity, tampering and counterfeiting is higher. People try to consume this stuff allegedly using unfair means.  These holographic tax stamps are a novelty to secure these products and maximize government revenues, thereby authenticating the products. These tax stamps keep a check on the imitation of the products like liquor and cigarettes. Also, these stamps result in the security of excise revenue imposed on tobacco and liquor products which then results in securing fiscal income and also a reduced consumption of untaxed, duplicated, counterfeited or gambled goods.  

Divya Impex extends its’ services providing the best holographic tax stamps: The expert professionals strives hard to use the most advanced technology to provide the best security to our clients. Creating the perfect blend of Mastering and Non-mastering features, we create the most commendable tax stamps. This sophisticated technology is so advanced that it really becomes a challenging job to replicate the products.  We use the following techniques to manufacture the sophisticated and advanced hologram tax stamps:- § A conventional 2D/3D technology § Dot Matrix Mastering Technology § The latest High Resolution Litho Mastering Technology at 120,000 DPI helps us manufacture exceptional holograms. § An amazing combination of chemical and printing processes results in the production of most secured tax stamps. 

Divya Impex provides you an array of mind-blowing properties in the holographic tax stamps:- § Tamper Proof- visual evidence when the seals are removed § Customizable- Divya Impex helps you customize your tax stamps according to your needs and requirements § Attractive- Fusion of creativity and usability makes the tax stamps more attractive § Pressure sensitive- this sensitivity makes them difficult to remove providing more security to your products  § Non-self adhesive- this property makes the stamps more convenient to use § Full tax stamp design- the designs complement your packaging § Multilevel authentication device- the advanced level security authenticates your product § Track & Trace enabled- these tax stamps are enabled to track & trace feature to help you prevent the duplication of a device. 

We provide a wide range of tax stamps to our clients to help them opt for specific products according to their requirements:- § Holographic Tax stamps § Holographic Tax stamps with talking pen § Paper Tax Stamps § Paper Tax Stamps with holographic transfer.

These tax stamps have a wide range of applications, providing the users an instant authentication:- § Card Boards § Paper § PVC § Glass § Plastic  § Metal.


Divya Impex provides these myriad of advantages while manufacturing the holographic tax stamps:- § These tax stamps help combat forgery, tampering and duplicity § It protects your product from data alteration § It permits immediate authentication to your product 

We have successfully associated with these industries over 15 years, providing proper security to them:- § Tobacco Industry § Beverage Industry § Government Revenue Organization Divya Impex uses the most advanced and authentic technology to manufacture these customized and attractive holographic tax stamps to provide the clients with the best security solutions and help them safeguard their integrity and identity. Also blending in creativity, we make these holographic stamps visually attractive and impactful. Tampering evidence is the best solution to your protection issues as it helps you detect the tampering with visual evidence. So, associate with Divya Impex and hence secure your brand or product.