Holographic Tax Stamps

Holographic Tax Stamp

Tax stamps prevent the unauthorized consumption of any goods or products, thereby ensuring complete security. Divya Impex never fails to upgrade their services to the next dimension and hence is chosen over most of the holographic production companies. We provide an array of different tax stamps to the clients to protect their brand or product from crimes.

Why do we need tax stamps? 
Liquor and tobacco contribute a major chunk in the Indian market and are consumed by a lot of customers. Since, their consumption is on a high scale, chances of duplicity, tampering and counterfeiting is higher. People try to consume this stuff allegedly using unfair means. These holographic tax stamps are a novelty to secure these products and maximize government revenues, thereby authenticating the products. These tax stamps keep a check on the imitation of the products like liquor and cigarettes. Also, these stamps result in the security of excise revenue imposed on tobacco and liquor products which then results in securing fiscal income and also a reduced consumption of untaxed, duplicated, counterfeited or gambled goods.

Divya Impex extends its services providing the best holographic tax stamps
Creating the perfect blend of mastering and non-mastering features, we create unreplicatable tax stamps. We use a mixture of advanced techniques to manufacture the hologram tax stamps. These include conventional 2D/3D technology, dot matrix mastering technology and the latest High Resolution Litho Mastering Technology at 120,000 DPI, in addition to a combination of chemical and printing processes results in the production of most secured tax stamps.

Types of Holograms

International Standards

2D-3D Holograms

Two or more images are stacked on top of each other to create the effect of changing images. These holograms are created with the same kind of technology used in red light safety reflectors at the back of vehicles. These holograms are further divided into two-layer and three-layer holograms wherein a one-of-its-kind multi-colour effect is displayed. Any text matter appears in the background of the hologram, giving it a depth illusion.

Dot Matrix Holograms

With 10 micrometres of optical resolution on every optical element, dot matrix holograms are created using specialised technologies and machines. Optical elements are designed using a number of algorithms to make radiation patterns.

Brand Protection
Holographic Products

Electron Beam Lithography

The surface of these holograms has a resolution up to 0.1 micrometres, and the technique involves developing different algorithms to design optical elements that then create varied radiation patterns.

Our Products

Self-adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive Labels

A label for every product. Check out our wide range of options with complete customization.
Holographic Labels

Holographic Labels

Combines paper labels with holograms, seemlessly integrating your branding, labeling and protection into a single label.

Security Hologram

Security Hologram

Unique holographic designs that can help customers differentiate your products and protect your brand from counterfeits

Void Seals

Tamper Evidence

Void seals and breakable holograms help identify improper opening of packages or products by leaving proof of tampering.

holographic indusction wads

Induction Wads

Tamper evident packaging to seal medical and chemical products and prevent the spurious refilling of containers.

Holographic Tax Stamps

Tax Stamps

Holograms that indicate that the tax has been paid, important in protection from counterfeits and smuggled goods.

Transparent Foils

Transparent Foils

Printing on transparent hologrphic foils gives a colourful sheen to packaging, without losing print quility.

Breakable Fragile Holograms

Barcode Stickers

Barcodes help verify products during shipping and speed up inventory of goods, helping you save time and money.

Holographic Foil

Holographic Foil

Holographic foils have many uses from hot stamping used to secure legal instruments to gift wrapping.

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