Transparent Foils

Holographic Labels

Transparent holographic foil is increasingly being used in the packaging of many products. It comes in several finishes and can be applied to a wide range of substrates. It can also be printed over to further enhance and customise your packaging design. This enhances the appeal of your products, while also improving security of your brand from counterfeits.

Divya Impex offers a comprehensive catalogue of holographic patterns which will enhance any product or packaging with their bright, crisp and clear images.

Label Options


We print labels on three types of materials:

  • Polyester Paper labels are synthetic, non-tearable labels,
  • Chromo Paper labels are tearable, and
  • Metallic labels have a glossy finish.
  • Waterproof Labels

    Labels which are not damaged by water and have a special adhesive that remains sticky even when wet

    Foil Labels

    Our high quality foil labels are printed using gold or silver foil and can be tailored to any shape of your choosing. These labels are popular with luxury brands that want to create a premium feel from the first impression. Foil labels and come in two varieties – cold-stamped and hot-stamped. Cold-stamped foil labels are cheaper but do not have the same level of detail as the hot-stamped variety. If you want to create a premium feel, you would be interested in sampling our hot-stamped foils, which have a wide range of colours and intricate detailing.

    Extra permanent Labels

    These labels are waterproof and have an extra strong adhesive. Can be stuck to smooth or rough surfaces such as wood, plastic or concrete. Have a longer lasting bond than that of a standard adhesive.

    Durable Laminated Labels

    Your labels can be protected by a coating of glossy or matte laminate to make it resistant to scuffs and scratches and significantly increase the longevity of the labels in conditions where other labels would easily deteriorate. Typically used for outdoor applications and tough industrial environments as they can withstand abrasion and weathering.

    Window Stickers

    These static-cling PVC window stickers can be stuck to glass and smooth metals and stay put for many years. Ideally stuck with the printed side against the inside of a window, these work hard to promote events, clubs, businesses or simply as car parking permits or similar.

    Brushed Aluminium Labels

    They have an expensive brushed aluminium look which can be easily mistaken for far more expensive real metal labels.

    Types of Holograms

    International Standards

    2D-3D Holograms

    Two or more images are stacked on top of each other to create the effect of changing images. These holograms are created with the same kind of technology used in red light safety reflectors at the back of vehicles. These holograms are further divided into two-layer and three-layer holograms wherein a one-of-its-kind multi-colour effect is displayed. Any text matter appears in the background of the hologram, giving it a depth illusion.

    Dot Matrix Holograms

    With 10 micrometres of optical resolution on every optical element, dot matrix holograms are created using specialised technologies and machines. Optical elements are designed using a number of algorithms to make radiation patterns.

    Brand Protection
    Holographic Products

    Electron Beam Lithography

    The surface of these holograms has a resolution up to 0.1 micrometres, and the technique involves developing different algorithms to design optical elements that then create varied radiation patterns.

    Our Products

    Self-adhesive Labels

    Self-adhesive Labels

    A label for every product. Check out our wide range of options with complete customization.
    Holographic Labels

    Holographic Labels

    Combines paper labels with holograms, seemlessly integrating your branding, labeling and protection into a single label.

    Security Hologram

    Security Hologram

    Unique holographic designs that can help customers differentiate your products and protect your brand from counterfeits

    Void Seals

    Tamper Evidence

    Void seals and breakable holograms help identify improper opening of packages or products by leaving proof of tampering.

    holographic indusction wads

    Induction Wads

    Tamper evident packaging to seal medical and chemical products and prevent the spurious refilling of containers.

    Holographic Tax Stamps

    Tax Stamps

    Holograms that indicate that the tax has been paid, important in protection from counterfeits and smuggled goods.

    Transparent Foils

    Transparent Foils

    Printing on transparent hologrphic foils gives a colourful sheen to packaging, without losing print quility.

    Breakable Fragile Holograms

    Barcode Stickers

    Barcodes help verify products during shipping and speed up inventory of goods, helping you save time and money.

    Holographic Foil

    Holographic Foil

    Holographic foils have many uses from hot stamping used to secure legal instruments to gift wrapping.

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